Sustainability - Estemerwalt Log Homes


Our commitment to sustainability saves more than 2.3 million gallons of fuel oil. By choosing to use sawdust – a byproduct of operations – to power our kilns, we continue to save 240 gallons of fuel each day. As of August 30, 2023, we have conserved 2,335,440 gallons of fuel oil. That’s the equivalent of filling the typical 275-gallon oil tank, found in many homes, 8,492 times. If an oil tank is filled six times a year, that’s enough oil for approximately 1,415 homes!

Trees are a renewable resource which is the first step towards sustainability. The amount of power used to mill the trees into logs is far less than what is used to cut trees into dimensional lumber for standard stick built homes.


At Estemerwalt, we use every single part of the trees we receive, leaving behind zero waste!

Estemerwalt’s sawdust-gasification system has three phases: Green sawdust is fed into a primary burn chamber where the sawdust is burned, yet starved of oxygen. This converts the sawdust into gas. The wood gas then passes into a secondary chamber where it is ignited – creating an environmentally efficient heat supply. The kiln is then used to dry lumber.

Energy Efficient

Superb energy efficiency also is the top benefit of an Estemerwalt log home. Logs and solid wood are natural insulators, and log homes meet or exceed energy-efficient standards specified in the International Building Code. In addition, log homes score well in blower-door tests, another standard for energy efficiency. Conversely, in traditional wood-frame homes, air infiltration and hollow spaces between studs can decrease energy efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

Studies have shown that the more wood there is inside a house, the healthier the air quality becomes. This is due to the wood’s unique ability to absorb moisture and release it back into the air as the room dries. Thus, helps to prevent allergies and respiratory infections. This means, living inside of an Estemerwalt Log Home is actually better for your health!

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