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Foresight About Accessibility Benefits Everyone – Even the Pets

Designing your quality Estemerwalt log home as your “forever home” means making it easy for people with wheelchairs, walkers, canes or crutches to enter and navigate from room to room. Integrate those design features from the start and these features will blend in organically.

Flat, no-step entryways free of thresholds, lever door handles, smooth floor transitions from room to room and roll-in showers are just a few options that can be beautifully incorporated into your design.

It’s an approach that can save you from later retrofitting your home, disrupting the look, feel and attractiveness – if those accommodations are possible at all.

These considerations are not only for family members who may need ease of access down the road. They’ll also assist visitors and family members temporarily relying on crutches or a cane, and they’ll ease your arrival home when hefting bags of groceries or carrying a child. Pets with age-related conditions also will have an easier time if they don’t need you to lift them up a step or over a threshold.

Talk to Estemerwalt design experts about the features and accommodations you would like to incorporate to make your home not only beautiful, but easy to enjoy for all of your family members – even the furry ones – as well as visitors and guests.