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Selecting a log home is like selecting a new car. What are you looking for? Porsche 911, Chevy Pickup, S Class Mercedes, Honda Civic, Jeep Wrangler or an Aston Martin — you get the point. You will want to shop for what fits your needs. Cost, size, style, quality, ability to deliver on time, warranties and references are some of the guidelines you should use in making your decision. There are plenty of log home manufacturers online, and most offer extensive visuals to help you understand their specialties. But when it comes to price comparisons the picture gets a bit fuzzy. You’ll see references to walls-only packages, structural-shell packages, complete packages, and others. The only way to get an accurate price comparison is to compare packages side-by-side.

Cost of Log Home Companies

Log home companies are very competitive in their pricing. In comparing costs, keep in mind the following: different kinds of wood, size of the logs (thickness), manner of construction, charges for plans, cost of freight (no such thing as free shipping – fuel costs money) and what is included in the package. This last item is, by far, the most important. It is very difficult to compare “apples to apples” unless you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Will you be getting just the basic shell, or will you be getting everything necessary for drying in the house. Does your basic kit or shell include the roof system, or just the rafters? Is the sub floor and interior framing included in the price? Can you buy the materials necessary for drying in the home from a local supplier for less? – probably not.


See more about log home costs in the informational article, Building Your Dream Log Home within Your Budget, or learn more about Log Home Construction Financing. To get more detailed answers to your pricing questions, request more information from Estemerwalt.

Size of the Log Home

Log home size is the singularly the most important factor in determining price. You will need to consider it carefully. Most companies can offer any size log home. View the custom home sizes that we offer.

Style of the Log Home

This is a very personal decision. Consider your lifestyle and needs as well as your future plans when choosing a style of home. There are many styles available to today’s buyer as well as endless floor plan combinations to look over. Bear in mind that you do not have to choose a style or plan that has been pre-determined — Estemerwalt will be happy to walk you through the steps toward designing the perfect home that meets your specific needs. See what types of styles are available by browsing our log home plans.


Today’s log homes are a far cry from those of yesterday. You should consider a company that is a member of The Log Home Council and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). You will find the quality and technology offered by those log home companies listed is excellent. Consider planning a visit to the manufacturers you are researching to gain firsthand knowledge about product quality. Estemerwalt Log Homes’ customers consistently remark that seeing our manufacturing facility and homes is what most helped in their decision to build with us. Learn more about Estemerwalt and what makes us different.


Most log home companies guarantee delivery dates. Be sure that they do. When your builder is ready for the package, you want to make sure that the materials necessary to begin construction will be on site that day.


Most companies offer some form of a limited warranty. Check and compare each of the companies you are looking at.

Ready to get started? Request more information from Estemerwalt,  and a representative will help you.